Company profile

If a man does not know to what port he is steering, no wind is favorable to him (Seneca).

Vela Technologies was established in 2007. From the start our team, thanks to its know how, has been able to convey its capability in supplying national and international markets with innovative products in technical textile manufacturing.

Aiming at innovative technology and process optimization made Vela Technologies very soon a point of reference and a reliable partner in the field of innovative technical lamination, product quality and high standards of customer service.

After a number of investments aimed at improving production efficiency and process automation, in 2011 the range of products has been further increased and at the same time warehouse space has been expanded. 


Primary target: customer satisfaction.

Our key to success is a commitment to meeting the needs of our clients. We rely on an excellent, competent and ambitious team, with particular expertise in various areas of the production line. Everyone of them contributes to the achievement of our quality targets and to the implementation of the innovations our customers require.

Assisting our customers as partners is our company's philosophy. Together and with our  experience we try to find the best way to meet their demands in  the process of  technical lamination, which finds application in many  areas such as footwear industry, automobile interior manufacturing, orthopedics, upholstery furniture industry and individual protection.



Most of our current production is made of materials whose phases of weaving and finishing take place in Europe: this guarantees reliable deliveries and for more demanding clients major security regarding eco- toxicological parameters defined by the European Union.




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