Laboratory: reliable results

The instance amends much better than any mistake. (Voltaire)

Your work is valuable for us as well as for you so we do not want to waste your time unnecessarily.

Our clients must be able to deal exclusively with their work without having to worry about processes that are not related to their own daily business.
Therefore they must be able to rely on suppliers that can guarantee adequate and punctual  deliveries and to a reliable and integrated supply chain with process and problem awareness of all production phases.

As already noted our supplies are checked before acceptance of the materials, during the production cycle and in our laboratory before being declared as complying and then released for shipment.
To ensure delivery reliability we have selected a network of reliable suppliers with whom we share sales forecasting informatically as well as quality control at all stages of the production chain.

For particularly demanding clients, especially in the area of  military supplies, deliveries are generally accompanied by  certificates of conformance  and compliance to their data sheets.

The in house tests we perform on the materials in accordance with predefined control plans are:

• abrasion resistance Martindale
• tensile strength
• delamination
• material compatibility
• elongation at break
• flex cracking resistance Bally
• wicking test
• colorfastness acid/alkaline/water
• colorfastness to rubbing - Crockmeter test
• phenolic yellowing
• waterproof spray test
• water column and seam test
• aging test
• resistance to washing
• resistance to temperature




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