Production: Efficiency and flexability

The winds and waves are always on the side of the cleverer navigators. (Edward Gibbon).

After a recent expansion of our covered area we decided to keep the production area of ca. 4000 square meters separate from our raw material warehouse and our finished products.

Our daily production capacity amounts to 24.000 square meters of processed materials divided in 4 continuous production lines and 4 fully automated  inspection and packing plants integrated with our management information system.


Know how acquired by experience

In recent years Vela Technologies has taken a leading role  in the market thanks to a high level of know how in the lamination sector ,  allowing us to offer a wide set of products and solutions in this area.

Our production lines are designed and developed with a view to ensure maximum efficiency: this allows us the flexibility, necessary to run small productions while maintaining the economies of scale of industrial productions. 



Our production:

  • Breathable clean, efficient, ecological laminations
  • Heat proof, steam proof and washable laminations
  • Bonding through multi-layer films
  • Bonding through thermoplastic grids or webs
  • Conductive or antistatic laminations
  • Antibacterial and flame retardant joints
  • Dry cleaning resistant laminations
  • Fire proof bonding
  • Flame bonding
  • Heat, high frequency, UF reactivated coatings
  • Heat reactivated coatings for greasy and WR leathers
  • Heat reactivated coating for water repellent fabrics or non wovens
  • Thermo-adesive aramide or high tenacity fabrics for reinforcements
  • Barrier film application for PU injection molding
  • Full field and stripes pressure sensitive coatings
  • Needle punched compounds for extreme cold climates
  • ESD multilayers for technical safety shoes insoles
  • Transfer printing


Production control

All raw materials as well as all finished products are checked in our laboratory before approval for use in production or for shipment to customers.
During the entire prodution process, operators perform compliance checks with the master samples in order to verify accordance to the approved control plans.





The manufacturing process within the supply chain is also monitored: every lot and consignment from the suppliers is tracked from processing to shipping. This allows us to keep track of each component and therefore provide customers with high control standards and traceability.



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