Everybody knows that something is impossible to realize till someone inexperienced comes and invents it. (Einstein)

Business relations are based on attention and respect: our customers deserve qualified answers.

Our job is converting materials in order to meet our client's expectations  and to provide solutions with the best compromise between technical content, reliability of  results and price/quality ratio.

Vela Technologies has advanced lamination facilities and offers clients the most effective response to their technical demands among the technologies available in today's markets.


The strength of our business model lies in the enthusiasm of our team. In dealing with our clients they aim at continuous improvement of our products,  processes and productive technologies.

The reliability of the result is guaranteed by our well equipped in-house laboratory, managed by our technicians. They co-ordinate reliable suppliers and make accurate quality checks during all stages of the production chain.




Environment friendly technology

Vela Technologies takes part in the market for industrial laminating technologies through environment friendly technologies.
Main advantage of this technology is lack of any kind of harmful emissions due to the use of solvents or burning smoke.

Selection of thermo adhesives with specific compositions for  the  supports to be treated allow high frequency and ultrasonic welding.  Quite often adhesion and resistance to washing  are far better than flame lamination.



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