C6 and Fluorocarbon Free finishes

Our commitment to the environment

Our DWR manufacturing process:

Is internally executed on a computer driven triple impregnation line ensuring very rigorous and constant distribution of mixture.
In house process means full traceability of all the process parameters and a very severe in process quality control plan Internal laboratory equippe with specific instruments allows also fatigue resistance testing and therefore deliveries reliable in time.

Greensuede FC-F WR GTX fluorocarbon-free:

Today high-performance products for the outdoors offer protection against rain relying on fluorocarbon-based Durable Water Repellent (DWR) chemistries, which are unfortunately, considered toxic and persist in the environment. The Greenpeace Detox campaign has targeted the elimination of perfluorinated compounds (PFAS or PFC) and theses chemicals are coming under continued and increasing scrutiny.

Many fluorocarbons (such as PFOA) are persistent and bioaccumulative with known or potential toxic effect (PBT).
PBTs (like PFOA) will not disappear as they’re not degraded in the environment and with prolonged use, the concentration will continue to increase

A recent Greenpeace study found traces of PFCs in the waters of high-altitude lakes around the world, illustrating why outdoor gear producers have placed an urgency on actively researching durable water repellent chemistries that afford high performance with less environmental impact.

Greensuede FC-F WR GTX was developed by VelaTech to meet customers’ responsibility towards the environment using biodegradable and fluorocarbon-free compounds for more sustainable water repellent treatment.
The performance of our materials are kept of course unchanged thanks to severe internal processes and quality control!