Our production lines are designed and developed with a view to ensure maximum efficiency: this allows us the flexibility, necessary to run small productions while maintaining the economies of scale of industrial productions, always guaranteed the solution with the best compromise in terms of technical content, reliability of the result and quality/price ratio.


Know how acquired by experience

All raw materials as well as all finished products are checked in our laboratory before approval for use in production or for shipment to customers.

  • Breathable lamination using polyolefin-based point thermoplastic resins, PU, CoPES, EVA, CoPA.
  • Lamination with thermosetting polyurethane resins.
  • Bonding through thermo-adhesive films.
  • Bonding through transpiring thermoadhesive nets.
  • Antistatic and conductive laminations.
  • Antibacterial or flame retardant laminations.
  • Lamination resistant to washing in water and/or dry.
  • High insulation and fire resistance lamination.
  • Microfiber lamination.


We produce what you receive!

We offer different finishing that attribute different technical properties to fabrics, our in-house finishing line allows us to have maximum effectiveness and to guarantee the quality of the treatment thanks to rigorous laboratory tests verified for each production.

  • C6 water repellent finishing application.
  • PFC FREE water repellent finishing application.
  • Water repellent finishing for S2/S3 application.
  • C6 oil-repellent finishing application.
  • Flame retardant finishing.
  • Softening finishing.
  • Antibacterial finishing with silver ions.

Digital print

RCP customization

Thanks to our internal printing division we meet customer's expectation being able to design customized patterns and graphics, study placements to optimize the yield of printing on the fabric.
The projects will be followed from the graphic development to the finished, laminated and water-repellent product in order to provide a single responsability garanteed by rigorous control of the quality factor for each print to ensures continuity over time.
Furthermore, digital printing does not include the burden of fixed installation costs, guaranteeing short term delivery for limited editions.

  • Vertical integration.
  • Graphics department for turnkey solutions.
  • MOQ = ZERO for new color and 48h leadtime developement.
  • Wide selection of customizable fabrics (also recycled).
  • The print does not alter the transpiration, elasticity and resistance of the fabrics.


During the entire prodution process, operators perform compliance checks with the master samples in order to verify accordance to the approved control plans.

  • Thermo-adhesive treatments for high frequency or ultrasonic weldability.
  • Thermo-adhesive treatments for adhesion to oily and water-repellent skins.
  • Thermo-adhesive treatments on high tenacity aramidic/PL substrates for leather reinforcement.
  • Waterproofing treatments by injection-foaming.
  • Self-adhesive full surface and striped treatments.

Other processing

  • Needle punch felting of thermoformable supports and aluminum foils
  • Needle punch felting for PE foams with ESD conductive supports
  • Slab cutting for coated fabrics, fabrics and felts with adjustable size
  • Grinding on microfibers and other materials
  • We have 2 electronic lathes for cutting adhesive and double-sided adhesive films, felts, fabrics