Progress would be wonderful-if only it would stop. (R.Musil)

Investing in the future

Our key to success is a commitment to meeting the needs of our clients.

Product Quality

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. (W.Buffett).


A problem in our times is that people don't seek to be useful, but powerful. (W. Churchil)
  • RFID: product traceability

    RFID technology is completely changing labor markets and will soon play a leading role in our daily lives.
  • SAP: process traceability

    The purpose of our company is to create processes that support major standardization, consolidation, transparency and simplicity through a positive approach, characteristic for lean and flexible organizations.

Latest News

  • Vela Technologies is a bluesign® system partner

    2020 promises to be a year full of new initiatives and incrasingly innovative products. With a view to continuous improvement and contribution in terms of responsible production, in order to make the environment safer and more sustainable, Vela Technologies has joined the...
  • Vela ECO fabrics

    Leading an eco-sustainable lifestyle was a choise of a few visionaries. Now it has become a real necessity! For this we offer a selection of natural and recycled products with low environmental impact, made up of natural materials such as cotton, hemp, jute, bamboo, wool fibers...
  • New automated storage and retrieval system

    To improve and remain a leading company in the sector, we continue to invest resources for the continuous improvement of the current product and for the use of new materials and technologies, in this case we have installed a new automated free-standing warehouse.  
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