Vela Technologies has acquired a key role in its market thanks to a high level of know-how in the laminating sector which allows it to offer a particularly extensive set of products and solutions in this field.


Efficiency and flexability

Our daily production capacity amounts to 26.000 square meters of processed materials divided in 5 continuous production lines and 4 fully automated  inspection and packing plants integrated with our management information system. In recent years Vela Technologies has taken a leading role in the market thanks to a high level of know how in the lamination sector, allowing us to offer a wide set of products and solutions in this area. Our production lines are designed and developed with a view to ensure maximum efficiency: this allows us the flexibility, necessary to run small productions while maintaining the economies of scale of industrial productions


Reliable results

Our clients must be able to deal exclusively with their work without having to worry about processes that are not related to their own daily business. Therefore they must be able to rely on suppliers that can guarantee adequate and punctual deliveries and to a reliable and integrated supply chain with process and problem awareness of all production phases. As already noted our supplies are checked before acceptance of the materials, during the production cycle and in our laboratory before being declared as complying and then released for shipment.

Eco Sustainability

The commitment of Vela Technologies

In combination with our extensive collection of technical fabrics we provide you with a state-of-the-art solution in terms of responsible and recycled products.

By combining performance and sustainability, we offer polyester products made from recycled plastic, allowing the unwelcome plastic bottles that are invading our seas to be stolen from the environment.

Our ever-evolving proposal of recycled materials is made up of recycled polyester and polyamide fabrics including CORDURA® ECO fabric, three-dimensional mesh, support felts and microfibers of various thickness and color.

In addition, all recycled polyester fabrics can be customized with digital printing.


Towards a sustainable future

In the sector in which we operate, the cost of a defect can often generate damage that is far greater than the value of our supply, therefore our mission is to win customers’ loyalty and earn their trust through reliable deliveries, increased product safety and a sustainable production. 

Through our challenging certification path we developed a robust Quality Management System that ensures products  that meet customer and regulatory requirements, continuous improvement set by ISO 9001 and the ecological awareness developed through the Oeko tex, Bluesign and GRS certifications lead us towards a safer and more sustainable environments for people to work and to live in...


Technical guaranty

Having identified the most suitable solutions we offer our clients the opportunity to realize sampling on small scale pilot plants to simulate industrial production and at the same time to realize the first representative prototypes for field testing. We can assist our clients in developing new product lines and indicate solutions that we believe to be the best in terms of:

  • Materials meeting client's requirements
  • Technology to be adopted
  • Resin properties in terms of washing resistance, temperature, aging
  • Production cycle variability
  • Technical characteristics of the final product

Integrated logistics


To improve and remain a company at the forefront of the sector, we continue to invest resources for the continuous improvement of the current product and for the use of new materials and technologies.

In logistics, we believe that compression of delivery times, required by our clients, and the size of the product range, typical of the textile industry, call for a very accurate stock management.
Processes are carefully monitored and tracked in our information system and are kept up to date to give our clients a guarantee of lasting reliability.