ESD Line

Technological evolution

Complete line of conductive materials designed for ESD footwear

From the three-dimensional lining, to the padding, to the termoformable solutions for insoles: a complete line of conductive materials designed for costomers who make ESD-compliant footwear.
In the electronics field, the need to have aver faster, aver more miniaturized and ever higher performance components has given rise to the design of alements with performance unthinkable until a few years ago but also increasingly vulnerable to electrostatic discharges! At the beginning of 2000 there were electronic compoments that could withstand an electrostatic discharge of 1000V without problems: today the critical threshold is generally set already below 100V, while a further and gradual lowering is expected! It is therefore essential that ESD protection systems must evolve hand in hand with the constantly avolving technological evolution!

Dissipative system

Ensure constant and effective grounding

The ease and speed with which the human body can accumulate electrostatic potentials during nurmal work has determined the need to provide constant and effective grounding for the operator himself as well as the use of appropriate clothing.

  • ESD footwear provides a constant and effective tranfer of the accumulation of electrostatic charge to the ground.
  • The ESD properties along the entire surface of the inner sole and sole ensure the best performance through a constant connection between body-shoe and thereforse the ground.
  • ESD footwear according to DIN EN 61340  complies with their purpose when used with a conductive or static dissipative flooring and the macimum earth resistance value of the system: operator-shoe-floor is 35 Mohm.


Our selection is in continuous development, we have many types of fabrics and ESD supports on stock, with different weight, composition and construction, including materials composed of metal, carbon and graphene yarns.

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