Product traceability

All processes are carefully controlled and tracked in the computer system and are maintained to guarantee the customer a guarantee of reliability over time.

Integrated logistics: Customer orientation

The manufacturing process within the supply chain is also monitored: every lot and consignment from the suppliers is tracked from processing to shipping.  This allows us to keep track of every single component over time and therefore guarantee customers high standards of control and traceability.


Processes are carefully monitored and tracked in our information system and are kept up to date to give our clients a guarantee of lasting reliability.

In order to achieve this result we have made investments in information technology  and  are using an advanced ERP system, like SAP..  In the near future we plan to use electronic traceability with RFID tags to be able to provide our clients with real time web access and to offer them the possibility  to track production activities and availability of stock with a view to improve the supply chain performance and transparency.

To this end SAP has been implemented with a software option  aimed at handling the inventory using bar code, RFID tags and RF terminals.
Work in progress control and data collection take place according to inspection charts in handling and manufacturing process, during inspection and are traceable by labelling and roll  packaging.

For companies whose production is delocalized we offer specific expertise for sharing data through standardized data interchange (EDI).
Our system allows an integrated collaboration with our partners. After orders are received  by our sales they are shared along our supply chain with internal production and suppliers  from the moment the order has been accepted.
In this way it is possible to reduce time and to exclude incorrect entries. Any further handling of the goods is monitored through electronic data exchange and therefore there is no need for additional manual input.

Material ready for delivery

Continuous demand of an increasingly focused market on prompt delivery means that speed of  service is the winning key to success

A large stock of finished product makes it possible for us to meet all the needs of our clients with a delivery service within 24 hours.