CORDURA re/cor™ fabrics



Leading an eco-sustainable lifestyle was a choice of a few visionaries. Now it has become a real necessity!


The commitment of Vela Technologies

We offer a selection of natural and recycled products with low environmental impact, made up of natural materials such as cotton, hemp, jute, bamboo, wool fibers.

Furthermore, to combine performance and sustainability we offer CORDURA re/cor™ made of recycled polyamide and polyester.

First CORDURA re/cor™ produced with 100% pre-consumer polyamide that meets GRS standards!
As bluesign® system partner we trace each textile’s path along the manufacturing process, making improvements at every stage from factory floor to finished product therefore proposing You our CORDURA re/cor™ in combination with our vast collection of technical supports we provide You a state of the art solution in terms of responsible and recycled products. Our sustanable performance solutions means less waste in landfills and more durable products made out of recycled ingredients to be enjoyed for years to come.

CORDURA re/cor™ made from recycled resources:
Made with specifically engineered recycled polyester yarns, CORDURA re/cor™ offer consistent and durable performance solutions for a variety of end-uses.
The process used to make recycled polyester yarn helps reduce energy consumption and extends the useful life of polyester.
The use of which allows the unwanted plastic bottles that are invading our seas to be removed from the environment.


  • Recycled – made from a mix of post-industrial and consumer polyester waste.
  • Tough – tear and abrasion resistant.
  • Versatile – used in bags, packs, accessories and footwear.
  • Authentic – based on recycled polyester fibers from waste sources (GRS certification applied for).
  • Water Repellent – durable coating to keep water out.
  • Sustainable – made from recycled waste and designed for long-lasting performance.
cordura recor