Cordura® Admiral

Warp-knitted fabric with high abrasion made entirely with polyamide 6.6 HT InvistaTM always avaible on stock in more of 28 colors.

The adoption of a precious yarn such as Cordura® high tenacity nylon places it at the top of the range in dry and wet abrasion resistance tests: the values found in the comparative tests carried out in an accredited laboratory showed values four times higher of a corresponding fabric made of Ny 6!

Generally supplied with a water-repellent treatment, it allows to make robust uppers keeping the transpiration characteristics unchanged as it does not need to be supported by wire stop resin.

Cordura® Traveller is always avaible on stock in more of 28 colors and is generally offered in combination with our highly transpiring reticulated polyurethane foams or the vast collection of breathable support with a particularly round handle that meet Gore standard enhance it's features techniques in the heaviest uses such as military boots and hiking shoes.



  • Cordura Admiral, polyamide non running fabric


  • 100 %  HT polyamide 6.6 Cordura® by Invista


  • 160  cm +/- 5%  (UNI EN 1773)


  • 250 +/- 15% (Internal procedure)


  • 0,6 +/- 0,1 mm ( UNI EN ISO 5084)

Spray test

  • > 4 ( UNI 5120)

Wicking height

  • < 1 cm/2 h (Gore method)

Tensile strength

  • Lenghtwise > 950 N +/- 10% (UNI EN ISO 13934-1)
  • Crosswise > 900N +/- 10% (UNI EN ISO 13934-1)



Tear strenght

  • Lenghtwise > 540 N +/- 10% (UNI EN 29073)
  • Crosswise > 500N +/- 10% (UNI EN 29073)

Abrasion resistence: in accordance to DIN EN ISO 12947-2 / DIN EN 13520 / PFI 00/1132

Dry up to destruction:

  • 100.000x slight changes
  • 200.000x slight abrasion
  • 400.000x abrasion
  • 600.000x clear abrasion
  • 1.000.000x clear abrasion

Wet up to destruction:

  • 25.600x slight changes
  • 32.000x slight abrasion
  • 100.000x abrasion
  • 250.000x clear abrasion
  • 350.000x clear abrasion, knots
  • 381.000x heavy abrasion
  • 400.000x damaged


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